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Brands: The Dusty Sparrow Candle Company

The wonderful soul and boss babe behind The Dusty Sparrow Candle Company is Rebecca ... Here is her story!

"My name is Rebecca and I am the maker behind The Dusty Sparrow hand-poured scented soy wax candles and hand made products! A few years ago I had my daughter Eva and was always looking for things to do as she was a very good sleeper right from the beginning and well, I was bored while she was constantly sleeping! So as time went on I tried all kinds of things from crochet to woodworking! Now as much as I love doing all those other things, somehow along the way I decided to try my hand at candle making. Well low and behold, here I am! 

I have a love for candles that I didn’t have with all the other diy projects. It’s almost therapeutic! Finding the right fragrances, perfecting my branding, and picking the perfect containers has been everything and more! I cant wait to see where else these candles take me, and I hope to bring the enjoyment of these products to others homes and lives."

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